Mini-Rings and Small Peals.


Small Peals.


It is fair to say the Matthew Higby has dominated the Mini-Ring market since the mid 1990’s. Having been hanging bells since a small child, Matthew’s knowledge of small bells and their hanging is unsurpassed. We have build over 40 rings to date and our installations can be found in disused chapels, garages, a windmill, a coal shed, a barn and various lofts. Standard or bespoke, we are convinced that we could squeeze a ring of bells into just about anywhere!

Our bell pattens have been developed to give the best and clearest sound possible for such small dimensions.

A typical mini-ring of eight, tenor 10lb in G.

Our standard Mini-Ring sizes and prices are as follows:

Based on a 10lb tenor in G or F#.

Ring of Six £3168.00 + VAT
Ring of Eight £4474.00 + VAT

Based on a 16lb tenor in E or E flat.

Ring of Six £3359.00 + VAT
Ring of Eight £4728.00 + VAT
Ring of Ten £6069.00 + VAT
Ring of Twelve £7468.00 + VAT

Based on a 21lb tenor in E flat or D.

Ring of Six £3610.00 + VAT
Ring of Eight £4978.00 + VAT
Ring of Ten £6347.00 + VAT
Ring of Twelve £7866.00 + VAT
Ring of Sixteen £10680.00 + VAT

These prices are based on bells cast by Richard Bowditch, tuned and hung by Matthew Higby & Company Ltd. These prices include installation and ropes etc. Stays and sliders are not included as these are not required with bells of such small dimensions.

Our portable mini-rings are ideal for demonstrating the art of change-ringing and are safe for children or people with special needs.

Portable rings are 30% extra.

Small Peals.

We have recently developed our own casting patterns for small harmonically tuned bells and rings up to a 2cwt tenor. These bells are sand castings and are completely blank, without moulding wires or inscriptions. It is possible to get our bells engraved after casting, at additional cost.

Sand cast bells are under 50% of the cost of loam cast bells as the moulding process is greatly simplified. Please enquire about costs.

We have recently built a portable demonstrator ring called "The Charmborough Ring" which made its debut at The Ringing Roadshow in September 2005. With a tenor of 94 lbs, "The Charmborough Ring" is the heaviest portable ring currently in existence.

The design of ringing fittings for bells of this size is critical for ease of handling. Matthew Higby has spent many years experimenting with different wheel sizes and hanging radii etc and believe that "The Charmborough Ring" is the most user friendly ring of these proportions.

The ring can be transported in a long wheelbase transit van or pickup and can be erected or dismantled by a minimum of three people in just over an hour.

The outline details of "The Charmborough Ring" are as follows:

Bell Diameter Weight Note
  (Inches) (Cwt-qtr-lb)  
1 10¾" 0-1-11 B
2 11¾" 0-1-18 A
3 11¾" 0-1-18 G
4 12¾" 0-2-1 F#
5 14¼" 0-2-26 E
6 15½" 0-3-10 D+48

The bells were cast by Richard Bowditch during July/August 2005, and were tuned by Matthew Higby on the smaller of the works two tuning machines.

The bells following tuning. The bells erected for testing. Ringing in Trafalgar Square,
November 2005.