Belfry Maintenance and Service Contracts:

A bell installation, like a pipe organ, is a complex piece of engineering and therefore requires regular inspection and maintenance. The aim of our servicing and bell maintenance, is to keep bell installations in safe working order. Regular inspections by our professional bellhangers can often recognise and address potential problems before they develop further. We undertake service contracts at a rate of £12.00 + VAT per bell, per visit. Travelling expenses are usually calculated on a case by case basis (we may service more than one ring of bells in the same area on one particular day) and are based on a charge of 40 pence per mile.

We hold Belfry Maintenance Contracts with around 40 bell installations all over the UK and Ireland, most notably rings at Wells Cathedral and St Mary le Bow, London.

Belfry Servicing Overview:

The whole bell installation is closely examined and a brief report submitted to the Church Authorities. The installation is checked for tightness and any loose fixings are tightened as necessary.

Bellframes - Wooden and metal bellframes are checked and tightened as necessary. Main Axis Bearings - Roller/ball bearings are inspected and lubricated if required. Plain bearings are cleaned out, flushed through and re-lubricated. Roller Boxes - Roller boxes, with sealed ball races, are inspected and those with plain bushes are stripped down and lubricated where necessary. Clappers & Crown Staples - Clappers are checked for cracks and wear to the bush and strike points. Pivot pins are lubricated and fixings checked for tightness. Bells can be checked and adjusted for even striking, using our laser activated meter at additional cost. Bellropes - Bellropes are inspected, and repaired as necessary. Stays & Sliders - Both stays and sliders are inspected for damage. Instruction for local steeple keepers - We also offer basic instruction to local steeple keepers on regular upkeep and rope splicing. Please contact us for more information.