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New Bells:

We can supply new bells from either the two main bellfroundries in the UK and some other European Foundries. We also offer a range of our own sand-cast bells, cast locally and tuned by ourselves. We can also cast bells in facsimile.

Second Hand Bells:

We keep a range of second hand bells to suit most applications. The Keltek Trust also maintain a list of second hand bells which are available for transfer.


Where we augment an existing peal of bells, every effort is made to ensure a perfect blend between the old bells and the new. We can supply bells of many different profiles, tuned either harmonically or old style.

Existing bells:

Existing bells and rings can be restored and tuned. Cast in crown staples can be extracted, cracks can be repaired and missing, or poorly cast, sections can be replaced.

Ringing Peals:

We specialise in anything from small repairs & maintenance through to completely new installations.


Existing Bellframes:

We can carry out repairs or alterations to existing bellframes in either steel, cast iron or timber. Timber bellframes can often be strengthened by the addition of new foundations, steel tie-bars and/or bracing. Existing bellframes can be extended to accommodate extra bells.

New Bellframes:

We build our own bellframes and these are designed using Computer Aided Design (CAD). Our bellframes are constructed using cast iron or fabricated steel framesides on a rolled steel grillage. All our steelwork is hot-dip galvanized in line with BS EN ISO 1461: 1999. We can also supply new bellframes made from hardwood.

A two tier frame of cast iron & steel. A simple timber bellframe. A cast iron & steel frame
under construction in our works.
A Steel Bellframe

New Bell Fittings:

Our change ringing fittings are produced to both modern and traditional designs, and are made from the finest available materials. We also carry out repairs to existing fittings as necessary. New ringing fittings include:

Headstocks: We supply both conventional and canon-retaining headstocks in either fabricated steel, cast iron or hardwood. Our conventional headstocks are fitted with clapper adjustment screws (also known as twiddle pins) for the setting and maintaining of even striking.

A typical cast iron headstock. A fabricated steel headstock. A steel canon retaining headstock.

Bell Wheels: Existing bell wheels can be restored or re-rimmed. Our new bell wheels are made from White American Oak (Spokes), Steam-Bent Ash (Soling) and either Elm or Marine Plywood (Shrouding). All fixings used in our wheels are made from stainless steel.

Main Axis Bearings: High quality self-aligning ball or roller bearings, in cast iron housings, are fitted to all of our installations. Our brands include SKF, RHP and FAG. Existing bearings can be overhauled and often imperial-sized gudgeons and housings can be converted to take metric-sized bearings.

Clappers & Crown Staples: The material, profile and weight of a clapper can have a large effect on the sound of a bell. We offer a range of clappers from wrought-iron, spheroidal graphite iron or EN16 steel. Our clappers are bushed with PTFE tufnol or oilite. Independent crown staples can be made from cast iron or steel, and are fitted with stainless steel pivot pins. Broken wrought-iron clappers can usually be repaired or have new sections forge welded in. Old clappers can be annealed, overhauled, and rebushed. If replacement parts are necessary, these can be supplied or specially made.

Roller Boxes: Our roller boxes are made of hardwood and are fitted with cast nylon or turned hardwood rollers. All of our rollers are mounted on twin ball races with spacing tubes. Standard roller boxes are available in both side or floor mounted varieties and are usually available off the shelf. Existing roller boxes can also be replicated.

Stays, Sliders & Runner Gear: Our stays and sliders are manufactured from finest quality, air-dried ash. Our sliders are steam bent and come in different lengths. Standard stays and sliders are kept in stock, and nonstandard items can generally be supplied at short notice. Our runner boards are made of hardwood and have adjustable stops.

Rope Bosses and Rope Guides: We supply rope bosses in either hardwood or turned cast iron. Existing rope bosses can be copied. Our rope guide frames are designed to reduce rope noise to a minimum.

Bellropes: We supply traditional bellropes with a choice of sally colours. Bellropes with pre-stretched polyester top ends are also available.


All dismantling and installation work is carried out by our experienced team of bellhangers. We offer reductions for local labour assisting with a project and are more than happy to work in conjunction with Guild self-help teams etc. All of our lifting-gear/handling equipment is regularly inspected, certificated and insured.


Setting up and commissioning:

Every effort is made to ensure that our work produces the best possible results. Every bell is set up for the correct depth of set at both handstroke and backstroke and set for even striking using our laser activated timer. We feel that post installation care is of the greatest importance, and our bellhangers will return after 1 year to service and check our installations.


We supply new chimes of bells and restore existing chimes both static and swinging. Bells hung for stationary chiming are fitted with our own design of trigger-action, chiming clapper. This method of chiming prevents the clapper being held in contact with the bell allowing it to freely resonate after the strike. Our trigger-action, chiming clappers can be used in conjunction with a chiming rack or from a straight pull from directly beneath. We also build and supply trigger-action, Ellacombe hammers for use in conjunction with swinging bells.

Single Bells:

We have exported single chiming bells all over the world including: The West Indies, The South Sea Islands, USA and Malaysia. Swing chime and stationary chiming fittings are built to modern designs or traditional fittings can be replicated. Automated systems and controller units are also available.

Turret Bells:

We supply new turret bells and also restore and rehang existing turret bells. New fittings can be made to modern and traditional designs. Every effort is made to ensure that our turret bell installations are maintenance free, as they are often inaccessible without scaffolding.

A single bell hung for stationary chiming. A stationary chime of three bells. A restored turret bell with traditional fittings.

Associated Building Works:

We undertake all building work associated with bell projects, ranging from cutting pockets in tower walls to accept new beams through to constructing floors and ceilings.

New Floor (Marshfield) 

A new belfry floor made from tanalised softwood (Marshfield, South Glos).

We are more than happy to work with building companies that are local to our projects. 

Sound Control:

We design and install sound control systems (both internal and external). Special attention is paid to internal acoustics.


New bells, and frictional parts such as clapper bushes and main axis bearings, carry a full 10 year guarantee against faulty materials or workmanship. All new ringing fittings carry a full 3 year guarantee against faulty materials or workmanship. Stays and sliders are also subject by the same guarantee but only through faulty workmanship or materials and not through misuse caused by faulty "bell handling". Repairs to wrought iron clappers are guaranteed for 1 year. All guarantees are given on the basis that our installation is well maintained throughout the guarantee period, and has not been altered by other parties.

Belfry Servicing and Service Contracts

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