Higby/Bowditch Bells.

Frustrated by the rising costs of traditional loam cast bells, in 2005 we developed a range of small sand cast bells tuned harmonically on the five tone principle, known as "Simpson Tuning". We have also installed two vertical borers for tuning purposes and can now tune bells weighing 5cwt or less "in house".

The bells are cast by Richard Bowditch using dummy bell patterns made of aluminium and two part sand moulds. Following casting they are cleaned, drilled, machined and tuned in our works. The tuning measurements are made using Bill Hibbert's Tuner and Wavanal Software.

Our bells are very similar profiles to those produced by Gillett & Johnston during the 1920's and being sand castings, are blank on the outside surface, without inscriptions or moulding wires. The cost of these bells is around 45% of the cost of loam cast bells of the same size (Please enquire for exact prices).

A ring of six bells following tuning.

New bells can be engraved with simple inscriptions (please supply the required inscription for estimated costs).

The range of harmonically tuned bells that we supply is as follows:

Bell ¢Dia ¢Weight Note
  (Inches) (Cwt-qtr-lb)  
1 10¾" 0-1-7 B
2 11¾" 0-1-21 A
3 11¾" 0-1-21 G
4 12¾" 0-2-0 F#
5 14¼" 0-3-0 E
6 15½" 0-3-14 D
7 16¾" 0-3-21 C
8 18" 1-0-7 B
9 19½" 1-2-14 A
10 21½" 2-0-0 G

The missing semitones can be achieved by thickening the larger size next to the required note. We hope to expand the range to include both smaller and larger bells as the opportunity arises.